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  Luoyang DE elevator co., LTD,Kelly masters in luoyang jianxi district of nanchang roadASeat5Unit31Floor(The wangfujing shopping center next door to the south),The registered capital of above ten thousand yuan,With special equipment of the People's Republic of China(The elevator)Installation maintenanceBClass aptitude,The specialty is engaged in the elevator related technical consultation and service work,Won the international famous brand of high-end elevators---Japan fost vaux elevator elevator and Germany delegation of regional agents;Professional and efficient technical team,To be able to do all kinds of elevator、Escalator and sidewalk sales installation and after-sales service。  The company since its establishment,After all the staff“Take honestly as this”In the struggle,Actively expand the market、Services to customers,Deeply the general customers the high praise,For luoyang, won the good market reputation;Companies adhering to the 【To view more】

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